recesses of the mind

Month: December, 2015


Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. 



[4] i was drawn to you

… because I got it. It’s difficult to articulate, but beyond the glaring surface differences in personality, we were so similar. Except, in the worst way possible. Your actions – I understand them, and I can predict them. Whether I’m willing to deal with them, however, is an entirely separate matter.

I hope it didn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. After all, we both (almost) got what we wanted out of it all.

the apple will fall far from the tree

At least, I will make every last effort to do so.

(just a little bit of end of term motivation?)

On an irrelevant note – how disconcerting yet comforting that such a sizeable percentage of what we perceive is somewhat an illusion when you actually look properly.